An Adhesive Solutions Provider Sticks to a Proven Marketing Content Strategy

Company Overview

XFasten began operating in 2015 as a small adhesive products company, eventually growing to become an adhesive solutions manufacturer and supplier for homeowners. It has expanded its product line and now offers a wide range of adhesive tapes, from carpet tapes to safety tapes.

The company caters to home and office improvement, DIY projects, and arts and crafts needs. The XFasten brand’s mission is encapsulated in its tagline, “Simple Solutions For Your Life.” With every product, XFasren seeks to provide exceptional and reliable quality that makes it a reliable partner in securing, fastening, or sprucing up spaces and things- and making life easier for its customers.

Video Solution

XFasten wanted to reinforce its brand value of providing straightforward and effective solutions to the practical needs of homes, offices, and individual DIY and craft enthusiasts.

The brand has enjoyed a stable customer base in the e-commerce space via its online store, which is backed by excellent customer and warranty service. XFasten believes its brand should reach and educate more people online, bringing value to those who love fixing, securing, creating, and decorating materials by experiencing the XFasten quality.

To do this, the company commissioned Courtland Creative to help increase its conversions and enhance brand equity by creating product demo videos. XFasten wanted these videos to highlight the essential features of its products, how to use them, and cater to various market segments and other potential customers.

The length of each video produced was approximately one minute.

Additionally, each video is focused on a particular message. One highlights the brand in general, and five other product demo videos focus on specific uses – painters’ tape, carpet tape, adhesive roller, woodworking tape, and weather sealing tape.

Each of these on-location videos emphasizes the brand’s ‘simple solution to complex problems’ offering that comes with huge benefits- convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. These videos reinforce the message that with XFasten as a handy tool, end users can accomplish more with less time, energy, and cost.

XFasten uses these digital assets for its marketing efforts and has seen an increase of (%) in online sales conversion.


“Thank you again for your service! The videos look beautiful! Thanks for continuously updating us throughout the project.

We really appreciate all the work you did.

Thank you very much.”

Featured Videos

XFasten | Brand Video

XFasten | Adhesive Roller | Product Demo

XFasten | Painters Tape | Product Demo